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Strategic Direction


Strategic Direction

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Dr. Medford Jones, Hope International University, sent leadership preparation surveys to 5,000 church leaders. Of the 1,000 senior leaders that responded, 92% indicated that their preparation lacked critical training in leadership, management and administration. 

The Barna Research Group asserts that only 2% of senior pastors in America know how to think and plan strategically. 

Research by Professional Management Institute in Tulsa reveals that 2% of leaders have a written plan, 8% plan occasionally and the other 90% simply react.

When the late Dr. Joe Ellis, Dean of the Seminary at Cincinnati Christian University, reviewed the proposed mission of Compass Associates® as outlined below, he characterized it as “meeting the greatest need of Christian leaders.”

With a focus on churches, ministries, and not-for-profits Compass Associates® provides best-practice resources for leaders, teams, and individuals.