Compass Associates

Strategic Direction


Compass Quest Organizational Effectiveness Milestones®:

Through a blend of content and process coaching, senior leaders will be able to understand the contrasting and complementary relationship between visionary, managing, and administrative leadership and the kind of leaders on their teams who best fit these different roles. As the lead executive, they will be equipped to orchestrate the integration of these critical functions and “own” the functions that only they can own by virtue of positional leadership.

  • Articulate core values 
  • Define guiding principles
  • Clarify mission 
  • Discern and cast vision 
  • Target markets and customers
  • Identify organizational life stage
  • Initiate strategic thinking and planning
  • Determine ideal and actual driving force
  • Outline key result areas and performance standards
  • Set S.M.A.R.T. objectives
  • Integrate annual planning, budgeting and reporting
  • Align processes with mission, vision, strategy and plan
  • Initiate organizational/individual results management
  • Leverage support technologies and services
  • Audit fund development processes, plans and people
  • Empower staff development
  • Equip governing board to focus on policies and priorities
  • Measure and manage corporate culture

Church Consulting Competencies and Resources

  • Which historical church purpose (of three) are you pursuing?
  • What in the world is the church to do?
  • Hallmark biomarkers of a healthy church
  • Warning symptoms of an unhealthy church
  • Myths that hinder growth
  • Key ratios of a growing church
  • Leadership and the life-cycle of the church
  • Effective 21st Century strategies
  • Helping ordinary Christians start ministries
  • How to calculate total building project costs
  • Budget Sector Balance—ensuring debt does not strangle ministry
  • Multi-year projections of growth, giving, new staff and facilities, and six budget sectors
  • Staff compensation and benefits design
  • Search team consultation

Stewardship and Fund Development Competencies and Resources

  • Development Manual (Sections are seven stages of the Case Moves Management System): 
1.   Identification
2.  Research
3.  Strategy
4.  Cultivation
5.  Proposal
6.  Negotiation
7.  Donor Stewardship
  • User-definable Gift Pyramid and Activity Plan template for various gift types
  • Ideal donor software features check list for evaluating software options
  • Balanced score card of four key result areas for planning and measuring fundraiser outcomes