Compass Associates

Strategic Direction

Life Paths

Our life coaching uses various assessments (including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Step II® and the MBTI/O*Net Occupational Tables), interviews and inventories, to help individuals better understand:

  • Highly personalized inventory of personality preferences. Step II not only provides the typical 4-letter TYPE profile (e.g. ESTJ or INFP) of the 16 possible “basic” MBTI profiles, but actually reports on preference responses related to in-profile and out-of-profile preferences for the 40 “facets”—5 for each of the 8 preference indicators (E and I; S and N; T and F; and J and P).
  • TYPE preferences for communication, decision-making, managing change, managing conflict
  • Dominant TYPE preferences in selecting an academic major
  • Preferred learning style
  • Reading, writing, and studying preferences
  • Typical play, socializing, and recreational preferences
  • Possible causes of stress
  • Typical ways of dealing with stress
  • Typical career exploration process with potential obstacles and TIPS to consider
  • Most popular occupations for your TYPE
  • Career Trends for a given TYPE
  • Key career-related strengths of your TYPE
  • Preferred work environments
  • List of core contributions your TYPE makes to an organization
  • O*Net Analysis identifying Occupations that will optimize your TYPE

Students, couples, and employees make more effective relational, educational and career choices.