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The progress of Ozark Christian College, where I served as President for 27 years, was greatly accelerated as a result of the work accomplished by Terry Wuske during his tenure as Dean of Administration.

Specifically, Terry was tasked with the challenge of leading us in our first-ever comprehensive program of institutional assessment and strategic planning.

He led that effort with professionalism and excellence in conducting research and producing documents that served as a blueprint for the college well into the next decade. In fact, it was a catalytic influence in perpetuating both a conscience and a process for evaluating our effectiveness and projecting our vision from that time on.  

His professional 'sweet spot' is in strategic analysis and institutional planning.  It is a work he discharges with grace and effectiveness.   

- Dr. Ken Idleman, Former President at Ozark Christian College in Joplin, MO


When I became Senior Minister at White Oak Christian Church, Terry Wuske was one of the first people I called. His ability to listen to a concern, learn the real issues, and clearly advise through difficult situations is a great gift and service. No "cookie cutter" answers from Terry, but timely...appropriate...and highly applicable solutions.
- Rick Shonkwiler, Senior Minister, White Oak Christian Church, Cincinnati, OH 

Terry is a leader and teacher. He is one of the most well organized people I have ever met. I do things in my career each day (to this day) that I learned from simply being around Terry.

He would be an asset to any organization and I only hope I become more like him when I grow up."
- Shane Whybrew, Development Consultant, Bethany House 

Terry Wuske is one of the best bosses I've ever had; during my years serving under his leadership at the North American Christian Convention, he modeled hard work and the highest integrity while challenging me to grow as a professional and as a person. 

Terry is one of the best co-workers I've ever had; during our years working together at Church Development Fund, I was more effective because of his partnership on projects and I benefited from his insights and wealth of experience.

Terry is one of the best life coaches I've ever had; for much of the last fifteen years, he has been a trusted advisor and friend who has spoken truth, shared burdens, and along with his wife Shirley has had a profound influence in my own development as a young leader and as a Christian.

The only thing you'll regret about working with Terry is that you didn't start sooner.

- Jennifer Taylor Johnson, Consulting Writer and Editor, See Jen


I firmly believe that Terry Wuske can help you and your organization have an optimal impact on your world of influence.  I have worked with Terry up close and personal when he was very young  on  the staff of Christ’s Church at Mason, Ohio. Later, when I was much older I worked under his leadership for a national church-related organization. I’ve witnessed a consistency in his service to God and others that is  admirable. 

One of his key abilities that he demonstrates and nurtures is what I call congruity. It’s another word for the “effectiveness milestone” Compass Associates identifies as the ability to “align processes with mission, vision, strategy and plan.”  
I had the privilege to work under Terry Wuske’s leadership at Church Development Fund (CDF) for two years.  He developed a strategy for enlarging CDF’s influence over all 50 of these United States. It included a big picture , a detailed plan, and subsequent training for enlarging the constituency of this outstanding organization.  It brought clarity and focus to us who represented CDF to local churches by region.  He was single-minded in developing the plan and thorough in tracking its outcomes.  
With Terry Wuske planning and vision implementation is a way of life. You will be pleased with the wisdom, insights, and techniques for organizational development that you will gain from the experience of 
working with him and Compass  Associates. 

- David L. Corts, Retired Minister at Christ's Church at Mason OH; East 38th Street Christian Church and Post Road Christian Church, Indianapolis; FCC, Canton, OH; 

Mountain Christian Church; Joppa, MD; Christ Church of the Valley, Peoria, AZ; 

Church Development Fund Consultant, Phoenix, AZ